Paintings For The Wall

Did you know vastu paintings for the wall could bring wealth in your life?

Read this article to the end to know how you can use lucky vastu paintings in your homes and offices to bring positivity and prosperity in your life.

What Is Vastu Or Vastu Shastra?

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture that aims at harmonious blending architecture with nature. It involves various design techniques, spatial arrangement techniques etc.

The final target behind these vastu principles is to create living, working, educational, recreational and religious spaces that are in harmony with nature and positive energy of the Universe.  

It is believed that living or working in structures that are non-compliant to vastu principles can lead to a variety of issues and problems in your life. Sickness, quarrels, litigation, business failures, money loss, lower profits etc. are few examples.

How Can Vastu Bring Prosperity?

It’s simple to understand. Everything in this world including buildings, humans, objects, plants, vehicles etc. have energy associated with them.

These energies could be positive or negative. Positive energies have positive effects and negative energies have negative effect.

Vastu principles can be used to invoke positive energy and eliminate negative energies of a particular space.

Let me tell you a quick and smart trick to prevent calamities, no matter how bad the energies of your home or office might be. You simply can place auspicious vastu paintings in the recommended area or room and benefit immensely.

Money Plant Vastu Painting

Placing a money plant painting in the southeast (SE) direction of your home or office is one of the sure shot vastu tips for money luck.

 A money plant painting has evergreen leaves and gives off constant positive energy, unlike a real plant that could wither or start yellowing or even die.

Warning: Never place a money plant painting in the east/ west directions. Do not place in front of blockages or obstructions.

Money plant paintings best fit in living rooms and can add up to the home décor.

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